Freedom to design weapons to kill humans quickly

There are cosmic limits. We have no choice about those limits. Within any system, we can have the option of having freedom of expression and, at the same time, we can have arms control. This is not easy

Live within a system that lacks weapons designed to kill other humans or be imprisoned for trying to build weapons designed to kill other humans.

…. “The actions of drunk drivers do not mean suddenly that cars are bad, but they are dangerous.”

Smart cars are becoming a reality to avoid idiots / crazy drivers. Live with him or be imprisoned for trying to institutionalize the ways of thinking of the dark ages.

Any human has the ability to kill other humans if they wish.

As rational human beings, common sense logicians with moral empathy, etc., we, as a collective group of humanity, can do everything possible to minimize the amount of damage that these idiotic / crazy / insane individuals can do.

Arms control {s} Live with it.

The options to talk remain, as well as the option that if it is too much, to live in a world without weapons designed to kill other humans, the human being reserves the right to control, or even cause others to riot, chaos and violence.

You or your choice {freedom} but there are consequences for repeated idiotic / crazy / insane behavior.

Systems have many subsystem routines. Each human individual has the ability to throw a monkey wrench into subsystem systems and make it crash.

His / her / our choice to do so.

There are many more and more fruitful things for humans to pay attention to, apart from the ways to kill more and more humans at a faster and faster rate. Again, his / her choice to choose to think about whatever they want to think about.

A garden rake is designed to move the ground. The AR or AK assault style rifles are designed to kill humans faster and farther than a garden rake.

This is obvious.

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